blogging makin bosan bagi aku..haaiih~ mane semangat ni.. :) i will be positve..
n ..
bye~bye~ blogging~

:) :) :)

Happy Birthday =)

Amy lay in her bed, remembering that tomorrow was her birthday. She looked up at the butterflies on her wallpaper. They were all the colours of the rainbow; blues and yellows and reds. Once, Mummy had explained that butterflies all have different names, and they had such lovely ones - Painted Lady, Large Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Purple Emperor. But, best of all, she liked the Peacock butterfly. If you looked at it upside-down, it looked like a wise old owl. And the Adonis blue butterfly, Lysandra Bellargus, was the same colour as her turquoise pram. Gran had bought it for her last birthday. She remembered that birthday so well.

She had been lying on the lawn in the garden, looking up at the butterflies flitting in and out of the bushes; like tiny white, blue and red kites, jumping in the wind. She was just wondering what it felt like to be a butterfly, when her mummy called her from the kitchen.

"Amy! Gran's here! Come and see what she's got for you."

Amy had jumped up quickly and run into the house. She had shown off her new bicycle. Then Gran went out to the car and brought in a large silver parcel, mysteriously wrapped, with a purple ribbon. A pram! Now her dolls had somewhere to sleep.When they all slept on her bed, they would fall off in the middle of the night. Mummy and Gran helped her put Dolly and Molly and Sarah and Clare to bed in their new pram; telling them both to be very careful not to wake her babies up.

Just then Miss Chief, her blue cat, had strolled into the kitchen. Miss Chief was accustomed to being made a fuss of wherever she went. This time, everyone was ignoring her. Miss Chief was peeved that Amy and Mum and Mum-Mum were too busy looking at some large new shiny object. Even her pitiful mew drew her no sympathy. Amy's new doll's pram was the centre of attention. Pausing only to give her ears a cursory wash, she walked across to the large intruder and jumped into it. The grown-ups laughed, but Amy was cross.

"Miss Chief! Bad girl! You must not jump in the pram when my babies are in it. It's very dangerous! Pram are for babies." Miss Chief looked up at Amy and narrowed her eyes in submission.

Amy knew that her cat understood and that she wouldn't do it again.

She smiled at the memory of her last birthday, and fell asleep.


"Amy! Wake up! Happy Birthday! Come and see your presents."

Amy sat up in bed. She could hear a funny squeaky noise, coming from her pram in the corner of the bedroom. It couldn't be her babies. She had given them a celebration bath yesterday, ready for her birthday. Mummy had said she could put them all in the airing cupboard, to dry them off and prevent them from catching a chill.

What was that noise? She had never heard anything so strange. But she remembered that she was a brave girl, so she got out of bed and crept over to the pram. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Inside the pram, Miss Chief was blinking up at Amy. Cuddled into her tummy were three tiny kittens - all different colours. Cream and blue and black. They were beautiful.

"Oh! Miss Chief! You are a clever girl. You remembered that the pram is for babies. What a lovely present!"

Miss Chief purred, proudly; agreeing with Amy.

It was a lovely birthday. WMC

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out"

Tales and stories about friends are told time and again to kids, in order to let them understand

the true meaning of friendship. Such stories help them know how precious true friends are.

Some of the stories are timeless and have been told through generations. Others are based on

personal experiences and the rest are just somebody's creative imagination! However, one thing

is common in all of them and that is important morals in life. Every story based on friendship

tells the fact that true friends are gifts of God. One should not let small disputes and

misunderstandings strain friendships.

It may be easy to be friends with everyone, but it is hard to find friends who are really true to friendship and would stand by, during the hardships of life. Not everyone is blessed with true friends and if you have even one, consider yourself lucky. In our related section, we have compiled a collection of stories based on friendship. The stories given in the section are categorized into funny, short and inspirational. Although the three stories are different in terms of genre, they carry the real essence of the theme - friendship.

..::A Peaceful Nite::..

nights with no moon. a night without stars. often makes me wonder is there a night the moon and stars together ..

may still have biased the starlight.
the sky was still bright, is not normal.
but quite beautiful.

ash. gray sky nights.
invite co-star fantasy.
the first bright, beautiful.
but being blocked by ashes cloud .

remove the cloud, O wind. . !
I would like to view. .
him. . he most beautiful stars. .
still keep the story. .



Baru aku sedar aku hanyalah masalah dan beban bagi dia..
Bagi dia, aku mungkin hanya pelesit yang mengganggu fikiran dia..

Kenapa la aku yang kecoh sangat..
Memang dia ramai peminat kan..
Orang macam dia memang takkan pandang aku..

aku cuba pujuk hati aku untuk menjauhkan diri dari dia..
jika itu ialah jalan yang terbaik..

ScallOps ?!

hye there strangers !
hye me !
with all my passion..
i annouced to u guys,,that i am the SCALLOPSGUY !!!
too much of eating scallops perhaps..xD


i definitely,,
have no idea what am i eating..gosh!
it looks like a retarded scall

normally,,scallops are most likely fan-shaped shells..
with their radiating fluted pattern..
*this are valued by shell collec
tors.hahah ! XD

but those i ate are wrecklessly different than
what i imagined..

here's a picture of i suppose a scallops..xD
the shape looks a bit(exactly) like a gas company logo..
not to mention though..
hahax ! xD

see !
nak same kn..memang same pon..xD

none of those are the topic here..

in a sort of time..my uncle,which is a tentera,which is my neighbour,which is not realy my uncle..i mean flesh blood thingy..you know what i mean..xD
an uncle for me describes as a male person who live next door to your house,bungalow,etc..

yeah !

to continue,,he did bring back home buckets of scallops..
he asked me to join him for a barbeque with his friends and family..
we have a splendid nite togather..chessy ! our belly turn out to be very bumpy
after terribly enjoyed all the scallops..

here's pictures of mine sucking it !haha
and a few pictures taken..
the shells are aggresively hot !

lick . .lick . .

we sure have a great time afterall..!!
hah !
tired !
dizzy !
happiness ! =)

up until now..
scallops are fascinating !!! =)

p/s u should probably asking urself where the heck is my uncle and his relatives aite?
well,,they realy did'nt want to be exposed virtualy in the internet..at the moment..

later! ~ xD

MidNite Craze !

hahaha . .
hye me !
its been a lo00ng while isn't? :p

s0o0o many things happened lately..
i ate sandwiches..
whats the point !*

Sekati ah !
hahaha . .
my fren said much . .
sekati ah !
see !
i'm infected !

take a peek of what i ate . .

hehe . .
is not kindly like this of course'
this sandwiches subways's . . (=

those i ate should look like
a little bit something like this . .

yes !
i made it though . .
its hard to choose the ingredients at the first moment

butter,mackerel,tuna,onion,egg!,seasoning,sliced cucumber . .

mix it all !!
using only garpu . .
gave them no mercy!
wink !

i'm totally dead if syadus finds out about this . .
im strictly on diet, perhaps

see ya !
see me again !
my blog . .
sekati ah !!

hye all.

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